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Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Hey Fellas! Wondering where I've been all year? Well, I just moved my blog over to Tumblr. It seems like a better fit and I'm able to just reblog my "Dudes That Get Me Hard" photos directly, rather than having to save them and post them here.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dudes That Get Me Hard - Holiday Edition

Hey Fellas, It's that time again...Christmas time! Well, sure that's true, but really it's time for another installment of Dudes That Get Me Hard. A collection of boner inspiring men that I've come across during my bate sessions while trolling for porn. My gift to you this Holiday Season. So let's unwrap some hotness.

This guy looks like he could carved from marble. The ultimate picture of maleness. Love the tattoo as well. Not that I would ever get one, but being into art as much as I am, I love to see how people express themselves like that. This guy is just about perfect.

Normally I don't post pics on here without a face, but this picture is just too amazing to pass up. And you can see part of his face...those lips!! I mean come on. I also like the guy to be completely naked, but this guy looks so good in this shirt...and do I even need to mention the dick? I love it when they point straight up like that. This guy is ready!

And since I'm posting guys that aren't completely's another. This just might be my ideal image of my ultimate man. He's got everything that gets my blood boiling. I can't look at this image without falling apart inside. That face is just...that body is so...those eyes! Dark hair, blue eyes, the little bit of scruff, the body is nice but not overly worked out, the little nipples, the treasure trail to the lovely bush, he even looks like a shorty...which I love. Perfect, perfect, purrr-fect!

I don't usually start out posting with a theme, but one has just emerged...guys partially clothed. and Here's a a nice smattering of images.

Another amazing Fratmen dude. Pics like this are so hot. That cock just poking right out of those jeans...and the way he's just staring at it...yum!

I fuckin LOVE these kinds of shots. Guys taking pictures of themselves in the just makes my mind race with questions like, who is he taking this picture for? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Is he taking it to post on a website? or is he just taking it because he's so proud of it. And he should be! that little tease of the stomach is so hot too!

Talk about poking! Wouldn't it be nice to wake up next to this in the morning? "G'morning, honey...need some help with that?" Beautiful!

um, Wow! I'm not surprised those tight little undies can't contain such a beast. That is one beautiful cock on one beautiful body. Would love to go climbing on those hills!

How hot is this shot?!?! Holy cow! I love a good show off, and the sneaky way in which he's puttin it out there is just too hot to handle. That body is tight and just that little bit of cock just pokin out. Man, please hop on my train!

Speaking of trains. Here's one my BF snapped of me on our way home from Pride last June. Wanna take a ride?

And I'll leave you today with one of the hottest shots of a partially clothed guy hanging by the pool.

I don't know what he's reading, but he REALLY likes it. I love a cute dorky guy! and although this guy is probably made up to look like that...the idea is super hot. And he has a fantastic cock! Make you just wanna pull those shorts right off him and drag him into the pool with you!

OK, boys, that's it for 2011. I'm off for Christmas vacation this week, so here's hoping you have a great Holiday and a wish for a wonderful, batefilled new year!

Don't forget your Santa hat!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

One of the major perks about being a gay man

Well boys, another summer has come and gone and now the cold weather moves in, forcing us to move in as well. I hope all of you were able to get some great outdoor bating going. Now it's time to break out the sweats and get all cozy by the fire. Or, if you don't have a up your computer and check out some hot boys to warm you up!

A while ago I made a list (lists are fun to do with friends sometimes, ie: ten hottest guys on TV, Ten hottest movies, etc). This list was "The Top Ten Reasons to be a Gay Man". I can't remember where I put the list, but it had stuff on there like "When you get a boyfriend, you double your wardrobe", and "Guys want sex all the time, there's no woman there to tell you no", and of course "Sword fights!", but the one that I wanna talk about today is perhaps one of the best perks: having access to the men's locker room. I mean, how many straight guys would LOVE to just be able to walk right into the women's locker room and just marvel at all the sights around them? Well, we get to do that...anytime we want. While living in LA sometimes it got a bit out of hand. There were some locker rooms that were more like bath houses. That's not so good. The only kinds of guys those attract are the ones you don't really want to see naked. I'm talking about your local gym locker room, the one where the straight (and not so straight) jocks hang out.

Now that I'm in Denver, the locker rooms are a bit more tame and actually newer...therefore not very conducive to "bath house behavior". In other words, newer gyms are built with todays homophobia in mind. There used to be a time when being naked in locker rooms was commonplace, no big deal. They would have these amazing locker rooms with saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzis just for men, go with a towel, go without, it didn't matter. HELL, even the YMCA's used to let guys swim in the pool without swimsuits! But today, you would be hard pressed to find a gym locker room that has any of those things in the men's locker room themselves...they are all co-ed (and you almost NEVER catch a woman in the co-ed steam rooms). They have the lockers, the sinks, the bathroom, and the showers...that's it! And more often than not, they'll be personal showers, not the communal showers of the old gyms.

One gym in LA that had these individual showers got so bad that they did away with the opaque curtains (which you would find tiny holes in after only a few days). They were replaced with the translucent ones or the really short ones so you could see who was in there. Now a days, at the newer gyms, these personal showers will have translucent dividers and/or doors as to limit the amount of privacy just enough. But that doesn't seem to stop us ;-)

Yesterday I went to my gym that's close to where I work, it's also close to Capital Hill...the gay area of town. It's a newer gym and gets A LOT of people there. The steam room, jacuzzi and sauna are all co-ed, and the showers have opaque curtains but translucent dividers and are set up with four on one side and four more directly across from them. The shower area is also set apart from the rest of the locker room, so it's private enough to not scare away the jocks, but communal enough to catch an eye full...and yesterday I did JUST that!

As you all know, I'm not shy. I don't usually wrap a towel around myself to walk to the showers, I don't pull my suit down while still wearing the towel...and actually, I enjoy to show it off to whoever wants to look. So communal showers, translucent doors/walls don't bother me either. in fact, I rarely even pull the curtain closed when I shower. I also love to shave at the gym. Since I have to shave my entire head, it's great to soften all the hairs with a good steam and then shave it right away. So I stand at the sink and shave, and those sinks just happen to be IN the locker room, therefore when standing looking in the mirror, you can see all the dudes changing in the reflection. This is actually the best place to take a look at all the hotties, most of which don't bother to shower (whatever!) Yesterday I had the privilege of catching the most beautiful male specimen changing right behind me, perfect in every way, head to toe!

About 5'10" (I like em around my size), buzzed hair, beautiful body - not too buff, not too lean, perfect skin...and when he removed his towel...the biggest cock I've ever seen soft. What I mean by that is that it was perfectly large, some guys have a big soft cock, but it's unusually big, this one was perfect. and it was obvious he was NOT shy about showing it to me. In fact, he kept looking at me while he was naked to make sure I saw it, but not in an overt way.

A little sidebar here: These are the types of guys I love, not just because he's showing off, but because he obviously works hard to look as good as he does, and doesn't bother to hide. I NEVER understood why these beautiful men, who spend the majority of their week in the gym, cover up, change under their towel, never use the shower, etc. It makes NO sense. Maybe they have a small cock, but really, when you look that good, who cares?! If you got it, don't be shy about it!

Anyway, so, this dude slides on a pair of basketball shorts...without any underwear. You know what a soft cock does in this kind of lose material, right? you can see the outline of his cock show thru (btw, my boyfriend loves it when I do this), and his was definitely showing thru. I actually thought he was going to go work out like that, but instead he headed toward the showers.

Luckily I was done shaving, so I quickly packed up my gear and headed into the shower room. He wasn't there. He must have gone to the steam room instead. Sure enough, i found him in there. It was perfect actually, because I like to steam after my shave to open the pours and relieve any razor burn. One thing was for certain though...I wasn't leaving there until he did.

He walked out, I followed, and knew he was heading into the showers. Luckily, there was a stall available right across from his. At this point, I remember seeing the dude in here before, and I KNEW that he never closed the curtain to shower...and I was right. The shorts came off and the water came on and the curtain stayed open. A perfect, brilliant view of the finest male specimen on the planet. I couldn't tell who enjoyed it more, him or me. There were no overt looks, just a glance in my direction, maybe at my cock (which was getting sorta plump), but all very on the DL...but it was clear...he enjoyed me watching well as the guy next to me!

He took his sweet old time too. Soaping himself from head to toe, and always facing out...towards me. (most guys would 1. pull the curtain, and 2. always face the wall) I was having a hard time from completely boning out, I also wasn't too concerned with hiding it. I wanted to let him know I appreciated the little show. I also really liked that it was not overtly sexual. He would rub his cock for me, but only as a guy would in the shower (well maybe a little more) and I didn't get all creepy by going into bate mode (though I kinda wanted to) I just wanted to enjoy it as long as it lasted...and it lasted more than 5 mins. It was incredible.

When he was done, he toweled off (facing me) and then headed into the locker room. I seriously contemplated pulling my curtain closed and jerkin one off, but some creepy guy slipped into the stall next to me who had been cruising the showers for more than a half an hour WITH HIS GLASSES ON!! (ugh! don't get me started). So I hopped out and went in to change clothes.

Luckily, my locker was right behind his and I kept an eye on him. And he didn't stop the show there. When I was shaving he was actually facing in toward his locker, but now that I was behind him, he was facing me to change his clothes. This guy was good, and loving every second. I seriously wanted to take him home with me. We just happened to finish getting dressed at the same time, and yeah, I sort of timed it that way so we could walk out together. I was seriously going to say something to him, but as soon as we got out of the locker room, he took a hard right and headed into the basketball courts. I didn't follow, but man did I have a good wank session last night with that image in mind. It went something like this:

Either him behind me or me behind didn't matter. Hell, even just him standing naked in front of me would have been enough to get me off. It was pure bliss, and I do hope that someday soon (maybe even the same time next week) I hope to give him another opportunity to put on a show for me...even if it never goes further than that.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summertime Batin'

Hey Fellas! Well, as you can imagine, it's been a busy summer. Hard to stay inside when the weather is so nice. I apologize for not blogging more. I'll try to do better, I promise. To make up for it I'm giving you a double your pleasure post today. A bit of story bloggin and some pics of some dudes that get me hard that fit the summertime theme. Enjoy!

Summer is the perfect time for long hot bate sessions, and if you are lucky enough to find someplace secluded, even some outdoor bating may take place. Nothing hotter, right? I did find a nice little spot with my boyfriend where we had some fun with the camera. thought I'd share some of those pics with you as well as talk a little bit about nude beaches.

I love to be naked...but I love to be naked outside even more! When I lived in LA I would make time when the weather got really hot (because on the West Coast, the beaches are always pretty cool, temp wise) to head down toward San Diego to the nude beaches. It was a bit of a drive, but it was like a mini vacation. Stake out a spot, put out your blanket and umbrella, kick off your shorts and just enjoy the day completely bare. There is NOTHING hotter than walking up and down the big, broad coastline wearing nothing but sunscreen. Your dick swinging in the breeze, other fellas walkin past you wearing sunglasses, but you know exactly where their eyes are goin. San Onefre was the best beach for this. The further down you'd walk, the more gay it got and you wouldn't have to turn away from all the saggy boobs that would stroll by because the women didn't come down there. You'd see some action as well. Not only guys sportin' boners, but some oral and even some butt fuckin (this is CA after all) They had these little coves you could slip into and have some fun with a buddy you met, but for me, I'd just like to do it right out there in the open. I'd get a nice boner goin and wave it at the boys I wanted attention from. I never did any fuckin (can you imagine the sand everywhere?) but I'd really enjoy finding a guy to bate with there on the blankets.

This beach was right below a marine base as well, so even though they had signs up not to go past a certain was past that point that all the fun was happening. If you were lucky enough you could spot a hot marine that wandered down to take a stroll. One time I caught the eye of one (I'm assuming he was from the marine base, he sure had the body for it!). When he came walking by I was already hard, but I took my hand off it when he glanced my way so he'd be sure to see. He just about stopped in his tracks and started heading my way. Silly boy, came up to me and asked me if I knew what time it was! I know, it would have been a perfect time for some cheesy porn line such as "Time for you to suck my dick". But instead I just smiled and said, "I have no idea". He quickly dropped the nonchalant routine and complimented me on my dick. He had a nice one too so I returned the compliment. He squatted down next to me and reached out for it. I let him have it, of course, and he then asked, "You ever fuck a guy out here in the open with that thing". yeah, let's cut to the chase here, my friend! I was a bit shocked he even asked, but even more that he didn't mind doing it right there. I hate to disappoint my readers, but I didn't fuck the guy. I didn't bring any condoms, and I'm a safety guy (have a bf, so you gotta be), and I could see, he didn't have any on him as well. I told him that I'd really love to, but that I couldn't. So the next best thing was to stroke each other off. Which we did. It didn't take him long. He was still squatting next to me when he shot his load in the sand. It didn't take me long after seeing that to spew all over my stomach. And like a beautiful sex dream, he stood up, shook the cum from his dick and headed off into the sunset. My day was complete!

That was my hottest experience at the nude beaches! Unfortunately, a couple years ago, they started cracking down at that beach and issuing tickets to those not wearing swim suits. It was a tragedy. That was the closest nude beach to the city...and was a well known hang out for the gays (which is another reason why they closed it down). After that, I tried making the drive to the next beach, Blacks Beach in San Diego. It was nice, but not as fun, and not as many people going naked. I'd say 40% of the people were naked there as opposed to 98% at San Onofre. I was disappointed, but it was still fun to be naked on the coast. I even ran into a friend of mine there! Sort of a friend of a friend who I knew was gay, but never saw naked...until that day. Of all places for me to set up camp and hop in the water. Too funny, but a nice surprise!

Here are a few more shots from my outdoor shoot. Video to follow in a future post.

Here are more smoking HOT dudes enjoying some naked time outside

LinkThis is on of my favorite pics. Skinny dippin with your buddy (who has an amazing cock) and you know I love this position. Damn! get's me hard every time!

And speaking of hanging out by the pool! How gorgeous is this photo?? Beautiful male form. Great ass, and that fuckin hard as a rock cock! I love it when they stand straight up like this.

And I'll leave you with one final story involving this last pic. I was so taken back when I found this the other day! The first time I ever bought a dirty magazine (Playgirl) as a kid, this is the issue I got. I ALWAYS went back to this dude time and time again for lot's of jerkin off. He had other photos that were even hotter, but that body and cock had me under a spell. There was even a shot of him mostly hard. Damn, I wish I would have saved that magazine! Would LOVE to find the rest of the shoot.

That's it for today, boys. Hope you are having a smoking hot summer, and finding some time to get outside for some hat naked summertime batin'.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dudes That Get Me Hard

Hey boys, It's time for another installment of "Dudes That Get Me Hard". A graphic, yet lovely display of male beauty obtained from all my times surfing the net during some long bate sessions. Let's not waste time, whip it out and let's get going!

For this installment I'm including men I find hot, not only because the pics are amazing, but they have videos as well. While most of the men I post on my blog probably have accompanying videos, these pics I saved BECAUSE the video turned me on so much. I'll include links to the sites where you can find more of them if you so desire, and really, why wouldn't you?

First up, a couple of boys your may recognize from Randy Blue. That's Trent Davis working his magic on, what can only be, Leo Giamani's huge cock. These two are so hot together! First of all Trent is an amazing bottom who loves to suck as well, and when you got a piece of art like Leo, who's got the worlds most perfect...well everything, but that cock is just...come on! How could you not fall to your knees and worship!? This picture is incredible, and if you want to see them in action, head here:|1|3|0|0|0|212

And while you are there, you might as well check out my all time favorite porn star, Chris Rockway. He's all over Randy Blue, and for good reason. This man is perfect in my eyes and will always illicit a boner from me. I've seen so many of his vids it's not even funny. In fact, he's the reason why I got a Randy Blue membership in the past:

Handsome as hell, killer body (and smile) and an amazing cock...and he LOVES sex, you can just tell...mainly because it oozes from every pore! A friend of mine, Gabriel, who took this set of photos of me:

Also got to photograph Chris Rockway, and needless to say I was pretty damn jealous. I wanted to go to the shoot, but alas! His photos actually ended up on the cover of DNA magazine. Dirty bastard!

Chris is featured in this week's Randy Blue video fucking another lucky bastard. He's so hot when he's fucking! my word! Here's a preview:

So masculine and...fuck! He's just perfect in every way...OK, as hard as it is (in more ways than one) we must move on...

Speaking of perfect! This is a dude named Jeremy on Sean Cody

I can't come up with enough words to describe these men, they are just everything I find hot. I've actually never seen this guy's video as I didn't have a subscription to Sean Cody at the time, but I'm on a constant search for it everyday. If any of you have this vid and wish to share it, I would be forever grateful...and we could work out some sort of sexy exchange ;-) Damn, he's amazing. Check him out here: and be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see video still of him in action.

I mean, point a finger at anyone on Sean Cody and your find some amazing hotties. Here is just a few more of my favs. If you do a model search on the main page you can find their photos...even if you don't have a membership.

This is Jess

This is Trevor

This is Doug (even though he shaved his pubes, you can't deny that smile)

Danny is an oldie but goodie, was always a fav of mine

And last but never least Franklin, from the early days of Sean Cody, but look at those eyes!

Ok, moving on, before this becomes more of a commercial for Sean Cody.

As most of you know, I did a photo/video shoot for I wasn't all too pleased with how it came out, but it was fun. The vids that I really love on that site are the "edge" vids. Here is Mattox:

Something so hot about being blindfolded and tied to a chair and not knowing what is going to be done to you. I always wanted to go back and do one of these videos for the site, but I don't think the guy was very interested in having me back. This guy is hot and that dick gets all the attention it deserves.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop there for now, and go work my cock for a bit. I have so many more pics of guys that their videos have gotten me off so many times, that I'll have to break this up into two parts. I have most of these vids, so if someone would like to trade me for the Jeremy vid, I'd be all for it!

Happy Bating!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Buddy Bate

Hey fellas, it's been WAY too long since my last post. I'm sorry it's took so long. No other excuse except that I got a new job and my focus had to shift for a while, but I'm back and ready to bate! So, to make up for all this time I've been gone, I thought I'd start us off with a video:

This is me and my boyfriend having fun, showing off for the camera. I tell you, there is nothing like being bated from behind like this. It's my favorite position of all time. You can still kiss (which is a HUGE turn on while being bated) and the feel of the other dudes hands all over you as he's working your dick is amazing. I love the feel of hands running over my chest. For some reason that area is very erogenous for me. This position is also very good for that as well. As you can tell, I really enjoy it! And so does my boyfriend, as you can see.

My boyfriend making me cum

Even though masturbation is pretty much considered a solo act, there is nothing like the buddy bate. Maybe because of the fact that masturbating is usually so private, that sharing that experience with a bud makes it all the more exciting. Some may think, "jerkin off with someone else is lame, why would I want to watch someone do that and jerk myself off when I can do that at home alone". Well, that couldn't be more wrong. Buddy bating is not just jerkin yourself off while another guy is present, it's sharing in the masturbation experience with someone else. It's rubbing their dick the way you would rub your own. It's getting the feeling of masturbation without having to do it yourself. And correct me if I'm wrong, but to me, getting mastrubated by someone else feels 5 times better than you doing it yourself (IF you get the right person doing the job). Bating someone while they are bating you, taking turns bating each other, comparing, cock worshiping, or just watching each other enjoy themself...that is all part of the buddy bate.

Here's me with a buddy that came into town recently
comparing size. Not sure who won this one

Sure it's great to do other things while you are naked with someone. Oral, anal, those are all fine and dandy, but bating together is my all time favorite. I can't help it, I'm a bator. The look of another man's hand around my cock turns me on so much. Also the feeling of holding another man's dick is so powerful and...awesome. Having that kind of control over him. He's surrendered to you and just has one thing on his mind. You get to make him feel get to make him feel amazing...YOU have control over that. Yeah, I love it.

Me with a friend enjoying the mutual bate

If one-on-one bating with a buddy is this much fun, then throw in a few more of your buds and you have a party! Have you ever been to a JO club? For us bators, it's the best! I started one in my living room many years ago. Me and a bate bud started gathering this group of friends that loved to bate together and it sort of grew from there. We'd get together every now and then, strip down, watch some porn, and get each other off...share in the bate! I once had about 20 guys in my living room, naked, hard, jerkin was amazing. Soon the group became a lot to manage and another guy came along and started a bigger group called Angel City Jacks (if you are in LA you need to know about this group) He secured a location at a local S&M club that lets him rent it out a couple days a month, and on those nights it becomes the "Jack Shack" as he calls it. It's grown a lot and usually attracts more than 30 guys. What a blast! If you haven't experienced this kind of group JO, or any kind of JO club, seek it out, make yourself go, you won't regret it. There are several in many different cities that provide a safe, clean, fun atmosphere where local like-minded men can gather and share in the bate. New York Jacks has a very comprehensive list of JO clubs across the country: check it out under the link "Other JO Clubs and links"

Until next time, find a buddy and enjoy the bate....together!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dudes That Get Me Hard

OK fellas, it's time for another addition of Dudes That Get Me Hard. I've been saving up some hot photos, so it's time to clear out my folder of sexy men. I hope you enjoy.

I want to start with this hunk of a man because I've seen this picture come across my computer so many times over the years, and each and every time it gets my juices flowin. I mean, come on, what isn't amazing about this picture? He's beefy and buff, without being too ripped. Those legs are thick and meaty, and so is that beautiful cock. Just the right amount of pubes, and there is something that I just LOVE about guys with buzz cuts. Did I mention the big balls? This guy was carved from granite, or at least should be carved IN granite...and placed in my bed room.

There is something about guys that are squatting or kneeling that I really love. I don't know what it is exactly, but this guy...MY WORD! I love when a guy puts his hands up like this to show off his amazing arms and those manly pits, then you just follow that treasure trail all the way down to wonderland. That cock is amazing, and I totally go ga-ga when they stand up that tall and proud on their own. Everything is just so right about this picture. Don't forget to click on them to see the full size, it only gets better.

I mean, good God! Right? Here I reiterate what I stated above about both the previous shots, showing off the biceps and the dick all standing up on it's own. This is also a guy I've seen a lot of, most importantly in a video where he strokes that amazing piece to a glorious cum shot. This guy is so proud of that thing...and the fucker should be! Look at it! It's perfect, and that body...sheesh, I hope he's dumb as a box of rocks, because no one should be dealt that good a hand. At least he's smart enough to show it off. A cock like that needs to be appreciated

And speaking of being appreciated, this shot is just beautiful. The stretch, the pits, the body, and yeah, that big, tall cock. A true celebration of the male form.

He's a couple more fine male specimens striking that pose I love. Ya know, I think it has something to do with leaving the cock so exposed. The hands are out of the way and he's just letting you touch it. I also love dudes that sit like this when bating together... this. YOWSA! this is my favorite way to buddy bate. This way you can kiss while working each other's dick. I fuckin love getting kissed while being jerked off. Look at those beautiful cocks! I love the look of the dude on the left, that shaved head with the beard...and I'm not just saying that because I have that same thing goin on. This guy totally pulls it off in such a fuckin nasty masculine way.

Another of my absolute favorite ways to bate with a buddy is in the shower. You know I'm a big fan of lube, so getting all wet and slippery is totally up my alley, especially when you get your whole body slicked up. I love to stand behind a dude in the shower all wet and soapy and rub all over him and slide my cock between his ass cheeks. Mmmm. Anyone up for a little sword play?

You gotta love [2] Magazine! And these guys are playing in my other favorite way when wet...HOT TUBS! The only way to hot tub, truthfully, is naked. I hate wearing a suit in a jacuzzi. They fill with air bubbles and are just a hassle, and well, being naked leads to other this. I'm so turned on by his dick poking it's head above the water like that!

I'll leave you today with this beautiful shot. Active Duty does have some hot men on their site (like most similar sites) and I love seeing them together like this, but if you were to watch this video, to me, it wouldn't be as hot as this picture. I can envision these guys really having a good time with each other, but in truth, the video would show us, that they would be all stuffy and straight-acting and barely look at, or even touch each other. So, I like to let my mind fill in the blanks. That way I can throw myself in the middle of these fellas and grab two fist-fulls of cock. Especially that dude on the right. How hot would it be to have our hands around each other's big dicks?

Until next time, keep on strokin'